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  My experience with religion and our creator, by Daryl.
Posted by: Martinup - 01-12-2017, 11:52 AM - Forum: Religion is a hoax but creation is not. - No Replies

We are created beings. We were not created by the god of any religion. I can tell you from experience that he is way cooler, and much easier to relate to and understand than any of the religious gods I searched for and tried to build relationship with. If you are a christian please at least hear my true story before judging and leaving offended. I ask this for your good, not mine. This is my experience with our creator.

     To the best of my recollection my story with our creator begins at about 5 years old. I did not know his name until July of 2014 when my wife and I had a physical encounter with him and the name he used on introduction was Ty. My wife and I believed up until then that he was God, the God of the Christian religion, and Father of the Holy Trinity.

     My mother got involved with church when I was 4 or 5 years old. The church she ended up at was called The Edmonton Revival Center, pastured by reverend Max Solbrekken. Mama... she dove in with both feet. I was there a minimum of 3 times per week, 4 after she made me and my brother join choir. Even more if there was something special going on, which seemed to be all the time. I friggin hated it and learned to despise church and eventually god, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

     My only “saving grace”, if you will ;-) was Wednesday night healing and miracle services. I never ever forgot the things I witnessed on those Wednesday nights. They always had the same singing and preaching portion of the service to suffer through. The difference on these nights was that there was no “alter call,” where you went to the front for prayer if you wanted to get born again and receive Jesus into your heart. On these nights you went to the front specifically for prayer for physical healing. The moment the call was given I sprinted to the stage as close to good ol’ Max as I could get without being in the way. For a few years there were always so many people that other pastors and elders were praying for people too. They got pretty good results but not like old Solbrekken did. This guy was the bomb. If there was going to be what I called a “biggie”, it would be with Max, not one of the others. People knew that too. If they had someone in a wheelchair or on crutches, or missing limbs, they always went to Max, if they could get to him. The church was in an old movie theater with an Isle down the center and one down each side along the wall. I remember many nights where the lineups went half way up both sides and ¾ of the way up the middle. There were a lot of times we never got out until midnight or later when the last person was prayed for.

     If you can think of an ailment or deformity, I can promise you I have been within 3 to 6 feet and witnessed it healed. At the end of the service there were often collection plates half full of hearing aids, glasses and medication. Always crutches, canes, and even an occasional wheelchair. One wheelchair specifically comes to mind because the owner was healed but then freaked out and ran out of the place and never came back lol, priceless stuff that the memories of, never fade. Eyes or ear healings were so common place I wasn’t too impressed with them. The more memorable were the most visual ones. Watching repeatedly as tumours the size of a grapefruit, sometimes the size of your head would disappear. Mostly it was in seconds, sometimes it took minutes, and occasionally it would be half gone when they left and completely gone by the next time you saw them. The other ones I loved to watch were people with one leg shorter than the other. These folks they would sit as straight as they could in a chair and take off their platform shoe thing and hold their legs out in front of them. I saw tons that only moved a couple inches or less but I saw loads that had one leg six or eight inches shorter. I don’t claim to know the reasons why but I know the leg ones always happened in seconds... and not very many of them, there was no mistaking what I was seeing.

     The sum total of years of witnessing these things first hand left me absolutely zero room in my reality for a world without a “god”. I don’t recall the exact reasons why they stopped the miracle services but I was 11 or 12 when they did. It was about that time I decided to take a stand with my mother as far as mine and my brothers’ participation in church. At this point, for half of my life I had witnessed firsthand enough to have no doubt about the existence of a god, for lack of a better term. Unfortunately my mother was way off the deep end and believed as kids we should be in church with her all weekend and half the week nights. I finally told her one Sunday that my brother (who was 4 years younger) and I would no longer be attending church except for Sunday morning, no more afternoon and evening services, we needed time to be kids. I was certain my new position on church attendance would cause her to deliver a good beating in her efforts to dissuade me. I didn’t give a crap. Her efforts to beat us into submission whenever it pleased her were so frequent that pain didn’t mean much to me. Much to my surprise she got so flustered that she buggered off to church without us and we went very few times again as children. Long story short she got too holy to be much good as a mom or a wife to my dad, which left my brother and I in a weird place. I don’t know what my brother believes today. I have no true relationship with him. He was well on his way to being a dedicated alcoholic at 13 and I told him so then. I leaned more towards drugs so we started to drift apart and just kept on drifting. I’ve tried every so many years, over the years, to reach out and see if there was anything there to work with but there is not. He is gone. My mother may come and go from the story at points as needed.

     I guess this would be a good time to discuss “hearing” or “communicating” with the creator. I must first try to explain something I doubt I can accurately. I learned immediately upon witnessing visual evidence of him i.e. a healing, that there was always a strong and undeniable presence which could be felt through your entire being. The strength of that presence varies in strength from; not even quite sure you just felt it to, please back off because my friggin knees are going to buckle if you don’t. Whether he can be felt has nothing to do with any religious rituals, supposed holy places, or bowing to him. On a personal level it is much more about keeping it real with him and continuing to try to get to know him, from the first time you make contact. You literally have to begin trying to talk to him and ask him any and every question that comes to your heart. Whether you talk to him out loud or in thought doesn’t matter to him he will communicate with you. It is obviously a highly imperfect system in the beginning. It is quite difficult sometimes to tell if it was really his thought you heard or your own. Regardless of what you miss, you somehow can always verify enough that you know you are interacting with him. Like building a relationship with anyone, the more time you spend interacting, the better you get to know each other. Also, your level of honesty and commitment to the relationship and your level of desire to get to know him better will greatly enhance, or retard the process. As the relationship develops, so does your awareness of this presence, even in the smallest doses. This he in turn uses to help you discern between your thoughts and his when you are talking in your head. Your gut is his best tool. If you are thinking things through with him and at the conclusion you have a rock in the pit of your gut, you do not understand something correctly. If you come to a decision on something which requires you to now take some type of action, you will feel at peace in your innards if it is right. If that knot is there as you go to do whatever STOP. You better double check with him that you are doing the right thing. Especially in the beginning, you will do yourself a huge favor by phrasing questions to him that enable him to answer you with simple Yes or No answers until you learn to recognize his voice/thoughts. I have a feeling that people who find him, moving forward, will grow at much faster paces than has been typical up to date. I am at the point where he will blast a whole paragraph of thought through in like a millionth of a second. I can often catch it all once I’ve had time to run it through at my brain speed. Sometimes you have to ask him to repeat, and he usually will. I hope I have given you enough to have a starting point if or when you choose to try talking to him. (As with anything I try to explain and screw up, please ask me to try again until I get it right for you)

     There was only one reason I had the balls to tell my mother to get bent on the church attendance. That voice I had spent half my life learning to trust, was telling me to take this position, it was his friggin idea actually. Imagine getting your head around that one... God telling me to take a stand against church... mind bend. This dam “stand against the church” thing has become a repeating cycle through my life. It would appear that it was all practice leading up to the greatest, grandest, and last stand against the church & the Elite... and good friggin riddance. Anywho, for the next 2 or 3 years my brother and I went to church at Christmas and Easter. The rest of the time we pretty much came and went as we pleased, as long as we attended school. I can tell you, with little guidance as it were, we soon went right sideways. Drugs, booze, chicks, lying, stealing, developing a criminal record, the list goes on.
*Side note* I just discovered another new “Mandela Effect” as I’m typing this. Lol. He has been changing the spelling of words as one of his efforts to get our attention. Dilemna is now spelled dilemma lol. Vengence is now spelled vengeance lol, it doesn’t even look right. One I’m sure he did in the last week or so is poor old Niagra Falls, they are now Niagara Falls LMAO. A brand new one I just caught typing this is persue. Apparently it is now spelled pursue. ROFLMAO I know I used that word earlier this week and it was spelled right. Hehehehe busy beaver this guy. J This stuff is too cool... I just checked my 25 year old dictionary and this brand new spelling change for persue/pursue is already in there. LMAO If you have a dictionary you should check it out just for kicks. Let me know if yours is changed too.

     As I went about doing my own thing he never went away. My ability to tune him out got better but I could never turn him right off. Once you find him you can’t unfind him lol. You are stuck with him as a bud for life. There are countless times over the years which I could, and will as time permits recite, where he intervened in situations to keep or to get my butt out of a bind. His being there when he needed to be never seemed to depend on my attitude towards him. Because of the dam confusion brought on by years in religion, it has been an on again off again relationship my whole life. It had to be that way though to get me and Laurie out of religion and into reality for this very time that we now find ourselves in. I would like to clarify that he did not “carry” me through life. The goober dropped me on my head so many times I thought I was a dam basket ball. I to this day, cannot recall one occasion were hindsight hasn’t shown me that he had no easier way to get knowledge to me or to cause me to learn something I had to know. He will always choose the easiest avenue we leave him, we just don’t leave him favorable options at times. (Another reason to learn how to talk and ask questions of him sooner rather than later ) Better to be in the loop when it comes to what is best for your life lol. Blindsides are a bugger ;-) It is not like religion thinks where he has some plan for your life to force you down. It is our life and all he wants to do is give us advise as we go which best helps us achieve our goals and dreams. This may sound kinda lame for a creator type dude but he laughs at the idea of being able to see the future, just shoot me now he says LMAO. Can you imagine how boring life would get in no time if you could see the future... I get it, why you wouldn’t want to. But it just can’t be done anyways, it’s the future, it hasn’t happened yet, how the heck are you supposed to see it. He did point out though, that because of his familiarity with us and all the variables in our environment his “best guess” accuracy rate is through the roof. Ok, where were we? Oh yes, the love hate relationship. J

     When you choose to shut him out of your life it’s like he kinda pulls back far enough to give you the space you desire, he really is very much a gentleman in every regard. Generally what happens is that the space you asked for turns into the rope to hang yourself with and the next thing you know you’re asking him for a favor, which he parlays into a full time invite back into your life. He really does love us tons and will do almost anything for us or to help us. One thing he will not be is an enabler, which is a huge part of the reason for his seeming lack of help to date. You have raised children so I’m sure you understand. He is kinda willing to play dirty almost if it is for your own good it seems. Little things like not actually lying to you but will let you believe something wrong when the could have cleared it up or warned you or something. But then he will conveniently remind you, “I was only honoring your request to stay out of your life”. Dirty bugger. Lol I believe I was nineteen or so the next time he wiggled his way back into my life.

     As we skip through the time line to present date, I will be touching on only the most significant events for now or, longer periods of “cooperative interaction” we will call them. That is not to say that I wasn’t aware of his presence everywhere on a daily basis. Whether I was trying to “live the Christian life” or not I was always aware of his presence and would often witness little interactions for me on his behalf.
To be continued as time permits...
     I’m thinking this may be a good place to leave things until I have time to add more. I hope there are enough meat and potatoes for you to chew on for a bit. Please just ask if there is anything you would like me to try to clarify or whatever. I totally get that this stuff sounds like something out of a fiction novel but it is not, I promise. I would not lie to anyone about something like this, not even to an enemy. One of the downsides of a good heart, it is hard to be mean, even when you really want to lol. Not that it can’t be done, you just have to enjoy it quick before you start to feel bad. ;-) I hope this helps you in your search for truth. If you have a favorite park, or stream you sit by, or just anyplace quiet and kinda private, that is where to go to try to talk to him, just like you did as god, if you did. If you and hubby are in sync it is that much better. There is a whole other story around how a couple and Ty function together vs. a single person and Ty.
Have a great day my friends.

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