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Who is Ty?
     The answer to this question covers a topic which, for reasons I am still trying to fully understand, causes emotional responses in people. Some good some bad, it matters not if you have religious beliefs or not, it seems to be a touchy subject for most.

     Ty is the dude who created everything. (If you are religious and think this is blasphemy, please don’t go away mad without checking the “Religion” page of our website. You will find literally thousands of verses which have been supernaturally changed in the KJV Bibles around the world regardless of language or print date. Other versions are changing but the King James has taken a complete thrashing, it is now doctrinal gibberish) I know I am missing many details but I am certain of one thing, he is not the god of any religion. He says religion and all holy books are a hoax the "Ruling Elite" have perpetrated on all humanity. He is here to set the record straight and deal with the murderous liars who have done this to all of us, and to give us back perfect health and an unpolluted home.

     For 40 years my wife and I believed him to be the god of the christian religion. It was an on again – off again relationship, thanks to religious confusion. In July of 2014 my wife and I met him and he has spent 3 years dragging our buts out of religion and into reality in time to help guide people over it seems, those who can recognize the truth anyways. It has been such a process and is a very long story. We are in the process of trying to log our whole 50+ year journey and everything we know about Ty into the blog which will be the most productive part of a website if all goes well. I fully realize how ridiculous this sounds but considering the things going on around us I think one should be willing to consider anything plausible, and fairly provable, at this point in time.

The key in all this is that you can only "figure it out" to a certain point. You are going to ultimately need to feel and follow your heart & gut to truth and safety.

Have a wonderful day folks.

Daryl aka Martinup

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