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Please read first if new to this forum.
I am thinking everybody to this page will fit one of two “types”:
-Those such as Christians or anybody with a framework of religion built into your belief systems. Believing in the bible or other holy book as part of this framework is assumed.
-Those such as atheists at the far right, and everyone in between who do not consider the bible to be the divinely inspired word of god or give any holy book little merit. Some of you would bet there is no God. Some of you would entertain the idea of someone or something out there.

Religious: Others you can skip ahead to “Non Religious” section below if you like.

   Those of you who bought into the “Religion Hoax” as I did, will have more homework to do than the other group. So we will address you first so you can get started. Please don’t run away before you hear the proof I have to offer which would suggest you have been scammed. Please don’t shoot the messenger; I was one of you for a long time. It is nothing to be ashamed of if you thought you were doing the right thing as did I. For those of you brand new to the “Mandela Effect” what you are about to learn will be very alarming and unsettling. Ty, our creator, has made complete gibberish of the King James Bible in particular, but he has supernaturally changed many passages in many versions of the bible. Since the KJV is commonly believed to be the most accurately translated version he has completely obliterated it. This is every bible everywhere regardless of age. I have personally witnessed the changes in a 120 year old KJV. (The only exception is what we call residual which is very rare instances where he has chosen to leave us a record of things as they were before he changed the rest) The link below is to a lady who daily does an amazing job trying to stay on top of the changes occurring in the bibles. I am convinced our creator is directly using her in his “Mandela Effect” plan. I haven’t been able to get her to see it yet which leads me to believe it just wasn’t time yet. She will come around when Ty is ready for her to. Ty works very similar to what you believe god does with some subtle but important differences. He does not want to be worshiped or seen as a deity. He is very much a realist. His justice leans more toward “eye for an eye” than “turn the other cheek” which is far more effective when dealing with vermin when you think about it. He is very much about “keeping it real 100%” in every interaction with everybody, including him. This last one is how my wife and I ended up in the unfortunate position that we are in. We kept it real with him when we thought he was the god of religion; to the point of telling him we thought he was a friggin ass when that is what our heart was feeling. You people who don’t... do you really think he doesn’t feel your real thoughts? How can he work out anything with you when you can’t be honest with him? It is true that his people are perishing for their lack of knowledge. However he says just as many are being taken out by their very own willingness to compromise. There can be NO compromise when it comes to right or wrong. Go get out your KJV bible and follow the link below to a mind blowing new reality. Don’t let it freak you out though. Continue the relationship you had with our creator, just shed the other three personalities. Just don’t pray at him, talk to him, with him. Maybe go back to asking him yes or no questions until you are confident that it is the same voice you know who is answering you. Relearn how to follow your heart and trust your gut... that is Ty... that is our creator.

Extol Yahshua You Tube Channel
Non Religious:
     Well, it turns out you guys were right and wrong. There is no god of religion as such. However there is a creator and he is here with “boots on the ground” so to speak. We are all brainwashed from birth by way of a cleverly devised, and so far, skillfully executed plan. A small group of wealthy elitists including the scumbag “royals” and the Vatican have hidden technology and lied about history to manipulate our reality to the point of us being nothing more than cooperative slaves. Us benefiting very little from all our labour but these lying, thieving, child molesting, murdering scumbags benefit plenty. I wish I could tell you I knew all of Ty’s plans moving forward but I can’t. Frankly for each question answered it creates 10 new questions. In a nutshell the end game of the “Ruling Elite” was/is to reach a point in time when they have the physical ability to track, control and enslave us all, without the niceties needed to entice our cooperation now. We are at that point in time. Ty has other plans. He is going to expose lies and bring truth. The Mandela Effect is his “shout out” to us that he is here, his wake up call to anybody seeking truth. All you guys need to do to come to terms with this new reality is pull up Google earth and have a look around. It is all messed up including the polar ice cap on top of the world is gone, including the land mass under it.

Who but our creator would you suggest is behind this?

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