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What if the Earth is neither a globe or flat?
I've been pondering the nature of our earth in earnest for about a year now, ever since my wife became a "Flat Earther". I have seen the most compelling hypothesis's:

1. Commercial flights to southern hemisphere destinations mileage and time anomalies,  lay-over way points that don't make sense

2. Viewing landmarks across miles of water that should be below the horizon, the fake moon landing, fake photo of Earth from space, ETC.

The assertions on both sides appear to prove the opposition wrong, but on the other hand, there are questions about  accepting assertions for the Flat Earth model:

1. If the Earth were not a spinning globe, why would drain water always spin counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere? (assuming there are hemispheres LOL)

2. The "viewing landmarks" argument could be explained as light bending which follows the curvature due to atmospheric "lensing".

3. The flat earth model shows the sun and moon following a circular path over the continents which would account for the sun passing overhead, but fails to explain why we see the sun pass behind the horizon, clearly, until just a sliver of a bright crescent is left, even slightly larger in size as it does so due to atmospheric lensing. So too the moon is always larger when near the horizon when it should be the farthest away and therefore smaller.

What do I believe it is? I do not know, and I accept fully that I do not know, claiming it is one or the other feels too much like a belief system to me. Maybe it is neither a globe or flat.
Hello Flash. Thanks for the buddy request and welcome aboard. You know what my friend? You raise some dam good points. This is part of what fascinates me over and over in trying to figure all this out. Every time you begin to think it is safe to believe something, something else makes you reconsider everything. lol I personally am leaning heavily towards flattish but never close a case ;-) The way I figure it, I would like to be the first one to know if I am believing something wrong. I am going to have to do some research on the light bending thing now for sure, as well as the drain issue. I sure wouldn't be comfortable betting my last dollar on flat or round at this stage either ;-)

It is refreshing to hear from a fellow with a properly open minded approach in investigating these matters. I will share my thoughts as I check into the new questions you have gotten stuck in my bean. lol

Have a great day sir
If it's not flat or round then what is it?

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